Leopard attacks cyclist in broad daylight in Guwahati, India: Great escape [Video]

Animal attacks are quite common around the forest areas of the country. A new video that shows a leopard charging at a man on a cycle has become viral on the Internet. The video is from Kaziranga, Assam and is recorded by a CCTV installed by the authorities.

In the video, we can see that cyclist is riding on the shoulder of the road. Suddenly, the leopard comes out of the thick bushes and charges at the cyclist. The cyclist falls on the road and surprised by the attack quickly stands up. The leopard rushes back to the jungle after pouncing on the cyclist.

Nothing happens after that as the cyclist leaves the spot quickly and carefully. On the social media platforms, experts conclude that the leopard was trying to cross the road and hit the cyclist on its way. However, on a closer look, we can see that the leopard pounced on the cyclist and was not simply going in a straight line.

Leopard attacks cyclist in broad daylight in Guwahati, India: Great escape [Video]

What do you think happened in the video? Do share your views in the comments. Animal attacks can happen at any place where human and animal interactions are frequent. Regions with protected national parks and sanctuaries often see such attacks.

It is always advised to not stop on the roads that go through protected areas. However, the cyclist did not stop and was moving along when the leopard came out of the woods.

Elephant attacks are more common

A video of an elephant attacking a man became viral earlier this year. Three friends were passing through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The video shows that the car stopped just before a speed breaker. One of the occupants got out of the vehicle to answer nature’s call. His other two friends got down with a camera and mobile phone and started clicking pictures.

The elephant got irked by the camera sounds and the sounds of other vehicles. The elephant started to move towards the parked car. Sensing that the elephant is not coming to them in a friendly way, they panicked and entered the SUV. The driver of the car started the vehicle and moved ahead.

As soon as the man reached the SUV, the driver panicked and moved the vehicle ahead. The man fell on the road but somehow managed to get inside the vehicle. It was a close shave for the man and it could have gone wrong.

Wild animals can be dangerous and it is best to stay away from them and mind your own business. Especially when crossing through reverse forest areas and protected regions.