MS Dhoni struggles to start his Yamaha RD350: Video goes viral

Chennai Super Kings captain and former captain of the Indian cricket team – Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a super collection of motorcycles. Starting right from the vintage motorcycles to the modern ones, Dhoni owns all the iconic ones in a massive glass garage. One of his favorite bikes, just like many other enthusiasts in India has been the Yamaha RD350, which was also known as the Rajdoot 350. Dhoni owns a few of them in different configurations. Here a video of him shows how he’s struggling to start his Yamaha RD350 after entering the compound of his house in Ranchi.

Dhoni is spotted on the bike and entered the compound of his house. After the gates were closed behind him, we could see Dhoni struggling to start the bike. Dhoni was first spotted pushing the bike to a distance and using the kick to try and start the bike. He was finally able to start the bike and we could see him riding the bike again.

The Indian RD350 did suffer from a few problems since it went through massive cost cutting initiatives. In fact, the Indian version of the RD350 also did not offer a CDI. Instead, it came with Points ignition system, which was highly unreliable. The problem of bike not starting was a common problem and possibly one of the biggest reasons behind the unpopularity of the the RD350. Today, many enthsuiasts try to convert their RD350s to CDI systems but it seems like Dhoni, who is a huge fan of the RDs kept his bike in stock condition.

Dhoni bought a modified RD350 LC

MS Dhoni struggles to start his Yamaha RD350: Video goes viral

The Yamaha RD 350 LC, which belongs to Dhoni’s collection, has been restored and customized by Blue Smoke Customs based in Chandigarh, known for their expertise in restoring two-stroke motorcycles from the past. The customized bike is finished in a unique black and yellow livery, which was originally offered as standard on this model.

In addition to receiving a cosmetic refurbishment, the Yamaha RD 350 LC also received several new components to improve its performance. These upgrades include a Lectron carburettor, a VForce4 reed valve system from Moto Tassinari, a Uni air filter, a Zeeltronic Programmable CDI, an NGK spark plug, JL twin exhausts, a Metmachex aluminium swingarm, and LMC silicone radiator coolant hoses. All of these mechanical enhancements are designed to improve the motorcycle’s performance and handling while in use.

The design of the Yamaha RD 350 LC has been mostly kept unchanged, with only a few modifications. The motorcycle retains its old-school appearance, featuring a rounded headlamp and turn indicators, a rectangular tail lamp, and a black engine and rearview mirrors. The RD 350 LC has a unique look compared to the regular Yamaha RD 350, with distinct features such as a different-looking fuel tank, triangular side panels, and a sporty seat with an inclined rear, as well as a rear tail section cowl behind the tail lamp.

Although it has been discontinued, the RD350 still commands a loyal fan base in India and remains one of the most iconic motorcycles to have graced Indian roads. Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium price for a well-maintained RD350 today.

In addition to his prized assortment of Yamaha RD 350s and RX 100s, MS Dhoni possesses several contemporary motorcycles, such as the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Kawasaki Ninja H2, and the exclusive Confederate X132 Hellcat.

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