This made-in-India Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is a Honda Civic in disguise [Video]

Lamborghini is one of the most popular and recognized supercar brands in the world. They have several sports cars and supercars, and even an SUV in their lineup. Like almost every other car manufacturer, Lamborghini has also started working on electric supercars, and one of the concepts that they had showcased was the Terzo Millennio – an electric supercar concept. It is merely a concept, and production for this has not yet begun. In India, there are several workshops that specialize in car and bike alterations and conversions. There have been cases where a seemingly ordinary sedan has been transformed to resemble a sports car. Here, we present a video showcasing a custom-made Lamborghini Terzo Millennio that actually utilizes a Honda Civic engine.

The video has been uploaded by Tanna Dhaval on his YouTube channel. This project car was specifically built for the vlogger. He mentions that, unlike some previous conversion projects, this one was built entirely from scratch. The frame or chassis of this car was constructed using metal pipes, designed to emulate a sports car appearance. Once the frame was set, the team commenced work on other components such as body panels, interiors, electrical systems, and the engine.

As mentioned earlier, the engine has been sourced from a Honda Civic. It is positioned in the rear of the car, akin to many supercars. The vlogger reveals that he acquired a used Honda Civic solely for this project.

This made-in-India Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is a Honda Civic in disguise [Video]

With the engine in place, the process of crafting the car’s body began. Unlike prior replica cars, this one boasts a fiberglass body. This material choice has aided in managing the car’s overall weight. Additionally, fiberglass provides the flexibility to realize intricate designs with fewer challenges.

The custom-made gullwing-type doors and certain components on this car have been repurposed from other models. For instance, the fuel tank hails from a Hyundai Santro, while the suspension is sourced from a Maruti Alto. The owner further notes that the stock Honda Civic alloy wheels were replaced with aftermarket units for a sportier appearance. These are 18 inch units. The front gets thick profile tyres while the rear gets low profile ones. Spacers have been installed on the rear wheels to achieve a broader stance. The exhaust system, borrowed from a Benelli 600i sports bike, adds to the car’s distinctive features. The interior of this car is primarily taken from the Honda Civic.

The car comes with custom seats finished in a combination of yellow and black shades. Acrylic sheets were used for the windscreen and windows. The gullwing doors can be opened using a handlebar from another car model. The car boasts a touchscreen infotainment system, and the overall theme is dominated by black tones. It is designed as a proper two-seater vehicle. The car’s exterior design was modeled with reference to a scale model, resulting in a clean appearance. However, there are elements on this car that might remind you it is a replica. The vlogger mentions that it took nearly 12 months to complete this project, with an estimated cost exceeding Rs 12 lakh.

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