5 star hotel guards salute Ferrari owner and let him pass instead of checking car [Video]

Indian car culture is growing and over the last few decades, we have seen a rise in number of people buying expensive and exotic cars. The number of young entrepreneurs and millionaires have also gone up in the country. All this means, we get to see exotic cars on the road more often than before. If you are living in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, spotting a sports car or a supercar is not a big deal. Here we have a video that shows how security guards at a 5 star hotel reacted to the owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia.


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The video has been uploaded by varunnn_04 on his Instagram profile. The video has been recorded from Bengaluru and from the looks of it the hotel is probably The Oberoi, on MG Road. In this video, we see a white coloured Ferrari 458 Italia turning towards the entry gate of the hotel. The driver is extremely careful while turning the car as these car don’t have much ground clearance. Once the car has completely turned towards the hotel gate, the three security guards posted on the gate for checking the vehicles look at the car and salute the person sitting in it.

In many of the expensive hotels, the guards often greet the guest either by saluting or saying namaste. Here in this video all three guards salute the person in the Ferrari. However, one thing they did not do properly was the inspection. Usually, when a vehicle is entering hotel premises, security guards usually check the boot and the underbody of the car. In this case, this was not seen. The guards simply moved away from the way of the car and the driver continued to drive forward. We feel that the guards standing on the main gate of the hotel were not very familiar with the car and they didn’t know how to inspect the vehicle.

5 star hotel guards salute Ferrari owner and let him pass instead of checking car [Video]

Ferrari 458 Italia does not have a proper boot like regular cars as this is a mid-engine sports car. They might have got confused after seeing the car and decided to let it go. The other reason is applicable to not just them but everyone. When you spot an expensive car or a sports car on the road, there are chances that you might just forget about the surroundings and start looking at the car and the person driving. Although a common man would want to check out the car, he or she would try to maintain a distance from the vehicle as you never know the owner of the car might react to it. This is not just the case with guards. In the past we have even seen police officers posing for pictures with superbikes and sports cars on the road. Recently, we saw people posing for pictures in front of what is probably India’s only golden-wrapped Rolls Royce taxi. We feel that the security guards really wanted to do their job but, they were overawed by the sports car and the rich owner who was driving it.

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