Beautifully resto-modded Dolphin hatchback is a blast from the past [Video]

When discussing popular hatchbacks available in the Indian market, the Maruti 800 is likely the first one that comes to mind for most people. Maruti played a significant role in popularizing the small family hatchback culture in India. However, the 800 was not the first hatchback introduced in the country. The Sipani Dolphin actually arrived in the market before it, but for various reasons, it failed to gain popularity. Consequently, finding a Sipani Dolphin in India nowadays is quite challenging. Nevertheless, we have a video showcasing a beautifully restored and modified Sipani Dolphin hatchback, which we would like to share with you.

The video has been uploaded by the Modified Mafias YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger showcases a Sipani Dolphin that has been meticulously customized by its owner. This particular car is a 1987 model, making it 37 years old. Despite its age, the Dolphin still looks impressive. The owner has given the car a completely unique exterior appearance, painting it entirely in a striking yellow hue. The car has even earned the nickname “Bumblebee.” Numerous stickers adorn the exterior, and the bumper has been accentuated with black tape masking.

Another notable modification is the replacement of the original steel rims on this two-door hatchback with stylish deep-dish rims. These rims are finished in white, complementing the overall aesthetic of the car. It’s important to note that only the exterior of the car has been customized, while the interior remains in its original stock condition. The all-black dashboard, the vintage steering wheel featuring the Reliant Motors logo at its center, a music system, and a starter button are all still intact. The dashboard also houses the controls for the turn indicators and beam adjustment.

Beautifully resto-modded Dolphin hatchback is a blast from the past [Video]
Sipani Dolphin customised

The Sipani Dolphin was launched in 1982, with a primary focus on the South Indian markets near its manufacturing facility. Essentially, the Dolphin was a rebranded version of the UK-based Reliant Kitten and featured fiberglass bodywork, which was quite innovative for its time. However, with the introduction of the Maruti 800 in 1983, the Sipani Dolphin lost its appeal.

While directly competing with the Maruti 800, the Sipani Dolphin offered a slightly larger 848cc, four-cylinder petrol engine compared to the 796cc, three-cylinder engine of the 800. As a result, the Dolphin provided a smoother and more powerful driving experience. The Dolphin’s engine claimed to produce around 38 Bhp. Coupled with its lightweight fiberglass body, the Sipani Dolphin delivered impressive performance.

The car boasted a boxy design similar to the Maruti 800, but it was available exclusively in a two-door configuration. It’s worth mentioning the Sipani Badal, the three-wheeler car from India, which was also offered as a two-door variant. Locating a Sipani car in India is exceedingly rare, as most of them have likely been destroyed over the years. The owner of this Dolphin hatchback deserves credit for their patience in preserving and customizing the vehicle according to their preferences. The most remarkable aspect of this car is that it still runs flawlessly.