Mahindra Scorpio and Honda Accord sedan stretched into limousine looks unique [Video]

In the past, we have seen several examples of modified cars and bikes from different parts of the country. Some of these modifications look stunning, while others look decent. We have also come across workshops where replicas of supercars and SUVs are built. While there are workshops and garages that import parts for modifications, many try to utilize locally available resources. Here, we have one such video where a local workshop in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut has stretched a Mahindra Scorpio and a Honda Accord sedan into a limousine.

The video has been uploaded by Mihir Galat on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows not one, but two cars that have been stretched and modified into a limousine. However, the video does not show how the limousines were actually made. It simply shows how spacious they are and what features they offer. The Accord seen here was built as per a customer’s request. The white Honda Accord is a 2007 model sedan. In the video, the workshop owner who built these limousines can be seen, as well as the owner of the Honda Accord standing next to them.

The video does not show the driver’s cabin in the Accord. The vlogger simply gets into the rear cabin to show its spaciousness and features. The first thing one would notice inside the car is the roof-mounted AC units. This modification was done at the workshop to maintain cabin temperature. There are side-facing cushions and a bar counter opposite them. The car also offers regular seats for the rear passengers. The roof liners have been completely removed and redone, giving it a false ceiling type design with a mirror finish and RGB lights. There are also roof-mounted LED lights. In order to entertain the occupants, the speaker system has been upgraded, and a smart LED TV is installed on the wall behind the driver’s seat.

Mahindra Scorpio and Honda Accord sedan stretched into limousine looks unique [Video]
Honda Accord & Mahindra Scorpio limousine

Next, the vlogger gets into the Mahindra Scorpio limousine. He is more excited about the Scorpio because he leans more towards SUVs. This was one of the first project cars that the workshop owner worked on, finishing it 6-7 years ago. Now it has started to look old. He mentions that they are redoing the interior of this Scorpio to give it a fresh look. Similar to the Accord, the Scorpio also has a very spacious cabin with cushions and recliners in place. There is a laser light installed at the rear of the cabin, and the roof also has a false ceiling with star lights. LED screens and music systems are common in both vehicles. The Scorpio also has a dedicated AC unit for the rear cabin. All the controls for the rear cabin are placed in the driver’s cabin. The Scorpio seen here is a 2010 model, and the exterior was modified to look like a Hummer.

The workshop owner mentions that it takes him around 3-4 months to finish each project and he is currently working on a Sonata limousine that would resemble a Chrysler. The fit and finish of the materials in both cars are not the best, but the workshop has done a decent job with the limited resources available to them. The customer of the Honda Accord was also satisfied with the finished product. It should be noted that these cars are modified and completely illegal for use on public roads. The video mentions that the car is often rented out for private parties and can only be used on private properties.