To Make Parking Space, Royal Enfield Rider Lifts Hyundai Eon Out Of The Way [Video]

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In the busy chaos of Indian roads, where cars are crammed into limited space, it’s not unusual to find vehicles parked haphazardly. Recently, a guy riding a Royal Enfield encountered such a situation, and his response was quite surprising.

The video caught on CCTV shows a parking, which probably belongs to a gym. There are several vehicles parked in there including a Hyundai Eon. A rider on Royal Enfield rides to the spot. He wanted to go further but the way was blocked by the Hyundai Eon, which was parked in a haphazard way. The ride then dismounts the motorcycle, goes to the car and then moves it using his bare hands.

The man lifts the car’s rear by holding it from the wheel arch. After sliding the vehicle out of his way, he casually walks back to his bike and continues his ride.

To Make Parking Space, Royal Enfield Rider Lifts Hyundai Eon Out Of The Way [Video]

Similar situation happened before



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The video went viral on the Internet, featuring a man driving a Tata Harrier. His co-driver recorded a video from his phone, mentioning that the SUV couldn’t fit through the small gap due to a Maruti Suzuki WagonR left parked in the middle of the road. The Harrier driver got out, lifted the WagonR, and placed it back in its spot. For those wondering if moving a car like this is possible, the answer is yes. The man applied a technique, exerting maximum force on the car to move it away. Similar incidents have been recorded before; one video even went viral a few years ago, showing a man maneuvering his car out when blocked by other vehicles. Although it might seem staged, such situations can occur.

If you ever find yourself in a predicament where your way is blocked by a parked vehicle, taking a photo, sending it to the traffic police, and hoping for a challan is one option. Alternatively, make a U-turn to find another route. However, if a U-turn isn’t possible, and the road is the only way to your destination, calling the traffic police is advised. They may come with a crane to seize the car and clear your path.

In the second scenario, a quicker solution is to inquire in the neighborhood about the car’s ownership and locate the owner. Once found, ask them to move the car and clear the way.

While the act seems like a normal job, it sure is not. Cars can be heavy, even the smaller ones like the Eon can weight close to 1,000 kg with the fluids and fuel in place. One should not try this randomly as it may damage the vehicle and one can hurt themselves as well.