Old Tata Sumo resto-modded to brand new condition [Video]

tata sumo resto-modded

The Tata Sumo holds a special place in India’s automotive history as a Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV). It was introduced to the Indian market in 1994 and quickly gained popularity among buyers. The demand was so high that Tata managed to sell approximately 100,000 units of the Sumo within just three years. Customers were drawn to the spacious cabin and straightforward design of the Tata Sumo. While Tata did provide updates for the Sumo, the MUV had to be discontinued due to stringent emission and safety regulations. However, there are still numerous Sumo owners, and some have managed to maintain their vehicles in excellent condition. In this video, we witness a Tata Sumo owner who had his old MUV completely restored.

The video has been shared by Autorounders, the team responsible for working on this specific Tata Sumo. This was actually behind the scenes video of a Sumo project that Autorounders completed some time ago.  As depicted in the video, the Tata Sumo was in poor condition. The MUV had visibly aged, with rust being a significant issue. Despite its appearance, the owner of this particular Sumo had a deep attachment to the car due to the multitude of memories associated with it. Upon arrival at the workshop, the restoration process began by removing various components such as the front grille, headlamps, bumper, and tail lamps. Throughout the years, the car had accumulated numerous dents, scratches, and signs of rust on several panels.

The team initiated the restoration process by addressing the dents on the Tata Sumo. They utilized a dent puller machine to effectively repair the dents. Simultaneously, other team members focused on resolving the rust issue present on various metal panels, including the body and the floor. The corroded sections were carefully removed, and new metal pieces were skillfully welded in their place. With the completion of dent and rust repairs, a thin layer of putty was meticulously applied to these panels, ensuring a uniform and smooth surface. Excess putty was then meticulously removed using a sander, contributing to an improved overall appearance. To further enhance the car’s exterior, a coat of primer was subsequently applied to the entire vehicle.

Old Tata Sumo resto-modded to brand new condition [Video]
Tata Sumo restored

During the restoration process, the workshop engaged in discussions with the customer regarding their desired color scheme for the Tata Sumo. After several deliberations, it was agreed that a dual-tone finish would be applied. The upper half of the Sumo would be adorned in a striking black hue, while the lower half would be coated with a silver shade. Subsequently, the Sumo was carefully transported to the paint booth, where it underwent a complete transformation, receiving a flawless Black and Silver dual-tone appearance. As we are aware, the paint booth enables the achievement of a factory-grade finish, lending the car a brand new aesthetic.

Significant attention was also given to revamping the car’s interior. The dashboard and fabric seats were entirely removed, making way for comprehensive renovations. A sleek black roof liner was installed, accompanied by captivating galaxy roof lights. Additionally, custom-made seat covers were fitted, complementing the revamped ambiance. To enhance the overall atmosphere, ambient lights were thoughtfully integrated into the dashboard and doors. Both the dashboard and steering wheel received a sleek black paint job, and an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system was installed, adding a modern touch to the vehicle’s interior.