Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gets Stuck In Wet Sand On Beach: Rescued [Video]

royal enfield classic 350 stuck on beach

Driving on the beach is something that is extremely tricky. If you are not experienced or don’t have the right type of vehicle, the chances of you getting stuck in the sand are pretty high. We have seen people drive 2WD vehicles on the beach and get stuck. We have mostly seen car drivers get involved in such stupid stunts. Here we have a video that proves us wrong. Here, a Royal Enfield rider who got adventurous and rode on the beach got stuck in wet sand.

The video has been shared by Kolkatar Pulak on their Facebook profile. The exact location where this happened is not known, but going by the voiceover, it looks like the bike was on a beach somewhere on the East coast. In the video, we see two men on a Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle riding on a beach.

They were initially riding on a par with stiff sand. The pillion on the bike was probably recording a video, and they were probably trying to make a video. In the next clip, we see the Royal Enfield bike stuck in the sand on the same beach.

It looks like the rider got too confident with his riding skills and decided to push the bike a bit closer to the water. It looks like it was low tide, as we see the sand was quite wet, but there were no waves.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gets Stuck In Wet Sand On Beach: Rescued [Video]
Biker stuck on beach

The biker probably was not aware of the fact that riding a bike on wet sand is quite risky. In fact, riding a two-wheeler on sand itself is a tricky task. The loose sand, when mixed with water, changes its character and starts behaving like clay or sticky soil. That is what happened in this case. The rear tire of the car completely sunk into the sand.

We can see the rider and pillion trying hard to pull the motorcycle out. It looks like the rider, in a bid to get his bike out, might have accelerated hard, and that made things worse for him.

While driving on sand or the beach, one should always maintain momentum. In the case of a bike, it becomes a difficult task, as the chances of losing control of the bike are higher if you are not experienced.

The handlebar often moves uncontrollably on sand, as the surface is loose. This forces the rear to slide out, and people often fall. The sand was so sticky in this case that three people can be seen trying to pull the bike out, but it is of no use. The Royal Enfield Classic is a heavy bike, and that made things even worse. The rider shouldn’t have ideally tested his luck. Both the front and rear of the bike are royally stuck on the beach.

We are assuming that the bike was recovered before the high tide started. In the past, we have seen several cases where people have driven cars on the beach and found themselves in trouble. It is, in fact, illegal to drive on the beach, and authorities can actually take action against offenders. The only beach in India where people are allowed to drive is Muzhappilangad beach in Kerala’s Kannur.