Toyota Fortuner Driver Beats Up Maruti Ertiga Taxi Driver In A Case Of Serious Road Rage [Video]

Toyota Fortuner driver beats Maruti Ertiga driver

One of the biggest problems that has existed for the longest time on public roads is road rage. Every now and then, we see cases where people get into some serious fights on roads because of their petty ego issues. Recently, another such incident has been shared online. In this particular instance, a Toyota Fortuner driver stopped in front of a Maruti Ertiga taxi and immediately started beating the driver. The entire road rage incident, showing this fight between the Fortuner driver and the Ertiga taxi driver, has been captured by a dashcam from a car driving behind them.

Toyota Fortuner Driver Beats Ertiga Driver

The video of this Toyota Fortuner driver getting into a road rage incident has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The video starts off with another short road rage incident where a car driver was harassed by two men breaking a traffic signal. However, this case was nothing in front of the other major road rage incident that gets shown later. Next up, the video then shows the main incident where a silver type 1 Toyota Fortuner driver was seen beating a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga driver.

When and where did this happen?

Toyota Fortuner Driver Beats Up Maruti Ertiga Taxi Driver In A Case Of Serious Road Rage [Video]

The presenter in the video mentions that the video of this intense road rage incident has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Vishwas Palan on their profile. The tweet mentions that this incident took place on 5th January at 4:20 PM on a service near Hebbal junction. We can note from the dashcam footage recorded by a car driving behind the Fortuner and the Ertiga that both of them were beside each other on the service lane. Both cars were normally driving on the road when suddenly the Ertiga driver speeds up and steers slightly to the left, making the Fortuner driver also swerve towards the left.

Following this, the Fortuner driver also accelerates, and it looks like a way to take revenge; he also turns to the right side and brakes. It can be noted that the bike driver almost comes in contact with the Fortuner. However, in the meantime, the Ertiga taxi driver accelerates and overtakes the Fortuner. Soon after this, the Fortuner driver aggressively turns towards the left and follows the Ertiga driver, almost crashing into him while doing so.

What happened next?

Toyota Fortuner Driver Beats Up Maruti Ertiga Taxi Driver In A Case Of Serious Road Rage [Video]

The Fortuner driver then finally catches the Ertiga driver by blocking his way with his SUV. The video then shows that immediately after doing this, the Fortuner driver hops out of his car and starts punching the Ertiga driver through the window. He can be seen being extremely furious and cursing and shouting at the Ertiga driver. It can also be noted that while he was doing this, two kids from the Fortuner also come out from the rear and are shocked by the behavior of the man who most likely could be their father.

Moving further in the video, we can note that despite his kids and other people staring at him, he was still hurling abuses and was hitting the Ertiga taxi driver. He also opened the door of the Ertiga driver, and after he stepped out, he was still shouting and threatening to beat him more. Soon after this, when the traffic started accumulating, the Ertiga driver went back into his car, and the Fortuner driver also drove away in his SUV.

Police didn’t intervene

Toyota Fortuner Driver Beats Up Maruti Ertiga Taxi Driver In A Case Of Serious Road Rage [Video]

Towards the end of the video, it can be noted that a police officer came to the spot after taking note of the traffic. Many netizens, however, commented that if the cop was walking towards the traffic, he must have seen all of this happening beforehand. But somehow, he still did not act fast and intervene during the fight. It can be noted that as soon as the cop arrived, the Fortuner driver drove away.

At the moment, there are no reports suggesting whether any action has been taken against the Fortuner driver or not. Most likely, the Fortuner driver will be arrested soon, as assaulting someone for such a small mistake is a punishable offense. Netizens have also stated in the comments that this Fortuner and its owner have a number of pending fines, and the insurance of this SUV has also expired since June of last year.