EV Chargers Worth Rs 1 Crore Stolen In Chandigarh: Kids Between 8 And 11 Years Nabbed

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When it comes to stealing things, thieves in India have no bounds. In a bizarre turn of events, it has been reported that some thieves from Chandigarh have stolen electric vehicle chargers. As per the reports, these thieves have stolen equipment valued at over Rs. 1 crore. The incident occurred at the Palm Garden near the new lake in Sector 42, Chandigarh. These EV charging stations were set to be inaugurated in a few days.

Thieves steal Rs. 1 crore worth of EV chargers

According to various sources, the thieves targeted the charging stations and stole nearly 100 charging guns. Each of these charging guns is priced at Rs. 1.2 lakh. The police authorities sprang into action, with an FIR promptly registered at the Sector 36 police station.

The Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) filed this FIR. They stated that a number of thefts totaling approximately Rs. 1 crore have taken place. Their report added that these robberies have taken place across multiple charging stations in the city over the last two months.

Intervention of authorities

As per the reports, the magnitude of the theft prompted UT Adviser Rakesh Verma to convene with CREST officials. The advisor signaled a strong effort to address the security lapses and restore public confidence in the EV infrastructure initiative.

T. C. Nautiyal, overseeing CREST, also emphasized the gravity of the situation. He stressed the need for immediate measures to safeguard the charging stations.

EV Chargers Worth Rs 1 Crore Stolen In Chandigarh: Kids Between 8 And 11 Years Nabbed

Chandigarh administration aimed to install 177 charging guns at strategic locations across Chandigarh. This was to be done because of the policy introduced in 2022. The spots selected under this initiative included popular spots like Rock Garden and Sector 17.

However, the recent robberies of EV chargers have highlighted inadequacies in security measures. Locations such as Sector 16 and Sector 24 were left vulnerable, according to reports. It was stated these places were devoid of basic surveillance like CCTV cameras.

What is the administration doing?

EV Chargers Worth Rs 1 Crore Stolen In Chandigarh: Kids Between 8 And 11 Years Nabbed

As a response, authorities have increased police patrolling vehicles near charging stations. The police authorities have been directed to intensify monitoring in areas housing charging stations. They have also been asked to increase the deployment of personnel to deter potential thieves.

Update: The thieves have been caught

It has been reported that the Chandigarh Police solved this case involving the theft of equipment from EV charging stations. The report has stated that this crime was committed by five juveniles aged between 8 and 11. These kids stole EV charging components, including motherboards, miniature circuit breakers, electric meters, iron covers, and chargers. They then sold them to two scrap dealers for only Rs 6,000.

Following extensive investigations, the police also arrested the scrap dealers who purchased this equipment. They were then charged under Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code for receiving stolen property. It has also been stated that despite the recovery of the stolen goods from the dealers, they have been rendered useless.

EV Chargers Worth Rs 1 Crore Stolen In Chandigarh: Kids Between 8 And 11 Years Nabbed

The stolen equipment, particularly charging guns, were dismantled and sold off for copper wires, fetching the boys sums ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 200. Through diligent investigation, the police traced the stolen items to the scrap dealers.

As for the punishment for the kids, the Juvenile Justice Board has recommended counseling for them instead of custody. They will be enrolled in school as they had not previously received education. These juveniles are all residents of Adarsh Colony in Sector 54, hailing from families of laborers.