Toyota Fortuner shows the Mahindra Scorpio that it can DANCE too [Video]

Well, it’s not just the ‘dancing’ Mahindra Scorpio that’s leaving people speechless. Today, we have a couple of videos of a last-gen Toyota Fortuner that too can shake a leg to peppy soundtracks. As can be seen in the videos we have here, this last-gen Toyota Fortuner sports some modifications. You can watch this SUV dancing to the latest Bollywood tracks in the videos below.

It’s said that this ‘dancing’ Toyota Fortuner was part of the recent Eid celebrations. You can see this SUV dancing to the some of the latest  Bollywood tracks in front of a small gathering. The Toyota Fortuner is jumping on the front wheels to match the beats of the soundtrack. Meanwhile, here’s the dancing Mahindra Scorpio that left a cop speechless. 

Such vehicles aren’t very uncommon. You can see many of them in the US. In India, however, we haven’t seen many vehicles that are capable of jumping on their front wheels. Actually, the last-gen Toyota Fortuner you see in these videos isn’t a regular one, which means not all Fortuner SUVs can be made to dance to your tunes.

This modified Fortuner has hydraulics attached to its front suspension. The hydraulics are controlled through a pump. The pump controls the hydraulics on the shock absorbers, thereby making the SUV jump on its front wheels. This system can be activated while sitting inside the vehicle.

While this feature can make your vehicle look incredibly cool, its repeated use can cause a lot of wear and tear in the front axle. Also, we feel that such ‘stunts’ shouldn’t be performed on the public roads as the ‘dancing’ car can make other road users lose focus. Other than the hydraulics, the last-gen Toyota Fortuner you see in the videos here sports an off-road bumper, an electric winch, a snorkel, and LED indicators. Also, there’s a roof-mounted LED light bar and a sunroof. The Toyota Fortuner has been one of the most popular premium SUVs around. While there are many modified examples around, this is the first time that we’ve seen a Fortuner that can be made to dance to pop music!

Source – Indian car dancing on Youtube