Revamped Yezdi Adventure 350 spotted testing: Launch soon

2024 Yezdi Adventure spotted testing

To entice the already awaiting adventure motorcycle enthusiasts, recently the 2024 Yezdi Adventure 350 was spotted testing. This new motorcycle will be getting a slew of upgrades and enhancements. It has been reported that Yezdi is planning to launch the new Adventure motorcycle by May-June of this year.

Revamped Yezdi Adventure 350 spotted testing: Launch soon

2024 Yezdi Adventure 350 Engine Upgrades

According to reports, the heart of the 2024 Yezdi Adventure 350 features a redesigned 334cc liquid-cooled engine. It is believed that the company has tweaked the internals of the engine. Most likely, it will offer improved refinement and responsiveness.

Additionally, adjustments to throttle maps are expected. This could help the bike to deliver a more spirited riding experience. It will also help the motorcycle in off-roading as well, which is its natural habitat.

New Exhaust System and Heat Management

Revamped Yezdi Adventure 350 spotted testing: Launch soon

One of the standout features of the upcoming Adventure 350 is its new exhaust routing. The recently spotted test mule was seen with its header pipe now emerging from the center of the cylinder head.

Additionally, its catalytic converter has been placed behind the engine. This most likely has been done to increase the efficiency of the heat management. This reconfiguration not only enhances engine performance but also ensures optimal comfort by minimizing heat transfer to the rider’s legs.

Aesthetic Enhancements and Accessories

Apart from all the mechanical upgrades, the 2024 Yezdi Adventure 350 boasts a refreshed appearance. The test mules were seen with vibrant colors and unique graphics.

Additionally, it has been noted that the company will be introducing a sturdier metal bash plate. This will provide the bike with better protection against rugged terrain.

Market Positioning and Competition

In the current adventure motorcycle market, the Yezdi Adventure 350 slots in between the Hero Xpulse 200 4V and the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. This particular segment is growing day by day in the adventure touring segment.

Revamped Yezdi Adventure 350 spotted testing: Launch soon

Launch Details and Expectations

Adventure motorcycling enthusiasts can mark their calendars for May or early June 2024 for the launch of the Yezdi Adventure 350. As for the pricing, the current Yezdi Adventure 350 is priced at Rs 2.55 lakh. Most likely, this new model will see a slight bump in the pricing.

Honda Also Planning to Launch Adventure Motorcycle

The Japanese bike maker Honda is also working on the development of its very own adventure motorcycle. This new Honda ADV bike will be based on the Honda CB350 platform.

In terms of design, its patent images have revealed that it will get a robust front fairing for added wind protection. In addition, it will also come along with a high-set front fender and a scooped-out seat and other adventure bike-specific design details.

Revamped Yezdi Adventure 350 spotted testing: Launch soon

Most likely, the upcoming Honda CB359 Adventure will retain the same 350cc powerplant. However, it is believed that it will come with adjusted gear ratios to suit its adventurous nature.

Expected features of this new Adventure bike include modern amenities such as dual-channel ABS and ride modes. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity, all-LED lighting, and a digital instrument console could also be offered by Honda. The exact dates for the launch of this model are yet to be announced.