Brand-new Hyundai Verna falls from bridge: Keeps passengers safe [Video]

New car owners make up one of the most exhilarated communities in the world. However, not all incidents involving brand-new cars end on a positive note. In a recent incident at Bilmora, Gujarat, a newly delivered Hyundai Verna met with an unfortunate accident when the excited owner took it for a late-night drive with friends.

As they approached a bridge, the driver lost control of the vehicle, leading to it plummeting into a nearby river. It appears that the driver mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, resulting in the mishap.

Remarkably, the Hyundai Verna fell from a significant height into the dry riverbed, which was filled with slush. However, no flow of water was present. Thanks to a timely rescue operation employing a crane, the Verna was recovered from its precarious position. Remarkably, all three occupants of the car emerged from the incident without any injuries.

Upon examining the pictures of the Hyundai Verna, it is evident that the vehicle sustained minimal damage. Despite the car landing upside down on its roof, the structural integrity of the pillars remained intact. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cautious driving and staying attentive, even in the excitement of owning a new car.

Accidents of brand-new cars are not uncommon

Shortly after its delivery, a Mahindra Scorpio-N was involved in a high-speed crash in Mumbai. The vehicle had four passengers on board, but fortunately, none of them sustained any injuries. Eyewitnesses reported that the vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed, and the driver subsequently lost control. As a result, the Scorpio-N toppled, collided with a divider, and underwent multiple rollovers before finally coming to a stop on the opposite side of the road.

During the delivery of a brand-new Tata Tiago, an unfortunate incident occurred when the customer crashed the vehicle from the first floor of the dealership. The CCTV footage reveals that the car was positioned on a hydraulic ramp on the first floor. At the time, the customer, seated in the driver’s seat, was engaged in conversation with the salesman.

Safety features in Hyundai Verna

The all-new Hyundai Verna boasts an impressive array of 30 standard safety features. It is packed with safety technology, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) available in the higher variants. The standard safety features encompass six airbags, three-point seat belts for all passengers, seat belt reminders for all occupants, speed-sensing auto door locks, impact-sensing auto door unlocks, ABS, Emergency Stop Signal, headlamp escort function, automatic headlamps, ISOFIX mounts, and rear parking sensors.

The higher-end variants provide additional equipment and offer features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), hill start assist control, all-disc brakes, front parking sensors, electric parking brake, tyre pressure monitoring system, cornering lamps, and the innovative Hyundai SmartSense, which is a BlueLink feature.

The ADAS system in the Hyundai Verna offers an extensive range of features, making it one of the most comprehensive in its class. It includes Forward Collision Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist for various scenarios like cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and junction turning, blind-spot collision warning, lane-keeping assist, driver attention warning, and safe exit warning. Furthermore, the ADAS system includes features like lane following assist, smart cruise control, high beam assist, leading vehicle departure alert, rear cross-traffic collision warning, and rear cross-traffic avoidance assist.

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