Hyundai Verna drift goes wrong; Car driver hits the divider at high-speed [Video]

Even after multiple occasions of getting caught on camera and then getting challan or even driver’s licence cancelled, there are many who keep on repeating the offence. Here is one incident where the driver of a Hyundai Verna tried to do drifting and lost control of his car and hit the divider. The whole incident was caught on camera by a person sitting inside the car.

The video shows the Hyundai Verna driver going at a relatively high speed on an empty road. He suddenly moves the steering to his right. This causes the car to lose balance and control. We can see the Hyundai Verna crashing into a divider.

None of the occupants sustained any injuries according to the owner. The owner also claims that the road was empty but he was trying to drift his Verna and that is how he lost control of the vehicle. This is not the first time that someone has tried to do stunts on public roads and failed miserably. This one though got caught on camera.

Hyundai Verna drift goes wrong; Car driver hits the divider at high-speed [Video]

Controlling front-wheel drive (FWD) cars during stunts is not easy. To make an FWD vehicle slide or perform a short drift, high-speed turns combined with the use of the handbrake are necessary. However, FWD cars cannot maintain a drift for an extended period. On the other hand, rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles are much easier to drift compared to FWD cars, which is why many stunt riders prefer RWD cars for their stunts.

In the past, there have been numerous incidents where performing stunts on public roads led to accidents. The powerful nature of these vehicles increases the risk of something going wrong. Therefore, it is essential to exercise extra caution when driving such powerful vehicles. Additionally, motorists can become distracted by these stunts on public roads, leading to accidents.

Stunts banned on public roads

Due to the risks involved, performing stunts on public roads is banned and illegal in India. The best practice is to use empty parking lots or private areas like farmhouses to practice and perform stunts.

While tank slappers can be forgiving on cars, they can be dangerous on motorcycles and can throw the rider off. Tank slappers in cars are rare but extremely terrifying and can cause severe accidents. They occur when a vehicle exits a corner at a high speed and loses traction, leading the driver to overcorrect the slide, exacerbating the situation.

At higher speeds, tank slappers can become stronger and destabilize the vehicle. Correcting a tank slapper on a motorcycle can be challenging and often extremely difficult. However, the same is not the case with cars. Tank slappers in vehicles can be rectified by reducing speed and bringing the vehicle to a halt.

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