John Abraham shares story behind his first car ever – the Tata Sierra [Video]

We all know what a big bike enthusiast the popular Bollywood actor John Abraham is, but not many people know that he is also an avid car guy. Recently, the actor shared an enchanting tale behind his beloved possession, the iconic Tata Sierra, in a captivating Instagram video. Known for his passion for automobiles, John unveiled the heartwarming story that led to his purchase of the Tata Sierra, his first-ever car. With an aura of nostalgia and pride, John took his followers on a journey through time, recounting the moments of determination and unwavering spirit that culminated in the ownership of this classic vehicle.

In an interview shared on Instagram by mashable.india, John Abraham shared the story of how he acquired his first car. It turns out that John knew a distant relative, an elderly gentleman, who owned a Tata Sierra. This car enthusiast was willing to sell the Sierra to John when he expressed his interest in buying it. Interestingly, the elderly gentleman insisted that if John ever wanted to sell the car, he must return to him and not sell it to anyone else. The reason behind this request remains a mystery, but it is speculated that the gentleman held a deep affection for the car.

John Abraham shares story behind his first car ever – the Tata Sierra [Video]

For those unaware, the Tata Sierra holds a significant place in the history of Indian automotive design. This distinct SUV was launched back in 1991 as one of the country’s first compact SUVs. It introduced a unique three-door design and became an icon of its time. However, despite its initial popularity, the Tata Sierra faced challenges in the market, leading to its eventual discontinuation in 2003.

The Tata Sierra stood out with its distinctive three-door design, capturing the attention of car enthusiasts across India. It boasted a robust and muscular stance, complemented by a large rear window that provided ample natural light for passengers in the back. The Sierra’s interior offered spaciousness and versatility, making it suitable for both urban and off-road adventures. It was also one of the first vehicles in the Indian market to be equipped with a diesel engine.

The rise and fall of the Tata Sierra

John Abraham shares story behind his first car ever – the Tata Sierra [Video]
Tata Sierra

Upon its launch, the Tata Sierra garnered a considerable fan following due to its striking design and rugged capabilities. The SUV resonated with adventure-seekers and those looking for a versatile vehicle that could tackle various terrains. The Tata Sierra’s reputation grew, and it became synonymous with a bold and adventurous lifestyle. Its distinct appearance and robust build turned heads wherever it went, solidifying its position as an automotive icon of the time.

But, as mentioned, despite its initial success, the Tata Sierra faced significant challenges in the Indian automotive market. The three-door design, although unique, didn’t resonate well with the masses, as the concept of a compact SUV with limited accessibility wasn’t widely accepted. Moreover, the SUV market itself was still developing, with consumers leaning towards traditional sedans and hatchbacks. These factors contributed to the decline in demand for the Tata Sierra, leading to its eventual discontinuation in 2003.

Future plans for the Tata Sierra

John Abraham shares story behind his first car ever – the Tata Sierra [Video]

Tata Motors, recognizing the enduring legacy and nostalgia associated with the Sierra, has decided to revive this iconic moniker. The company recently showcased the new generation of the Tata Sierra at the 2023 Auto Expo. Furthermore, the company announced that although the vehicle will not be available until 2025, the concept of the Sierra.EV unveiled at the show has been locked in for the final series production and will be launched in 2025.

Under the bonnet of the forthcoming model will be an all-electric drivetrain, hence its name Sierra.EV. As of yet, the company has not revealed any power or range figures for the SUV. The company will reportedly also introduce an internal combustion engine version of this venerable SUV. Most likely it will employ the newly introduced 1.5-liter four-cylinder T-GDi engine which according to the company generates a maximum power of 170 PS and peak torque of 280 Nm.

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