Kia Seltos Petrol CVT Faces Recall in India: Over 4,300 Units Affected by Faulty Oil Pump Controller

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Kia India has issued a voluntary recall for 4,358 units of its popular Seltos SUV equipped with the petrol CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox. The reason for the recall lies in a potential issue with the electronic oil pump controller, which could impact the vehicle’s performance and drivability.

Kia Seltos Petrol CVT Faces Recall in India: Over 4,300 Units Affected by Faulty Oil Pump Controller
Kia Seltos

The affected Seltos units were manufactured between February 2023 and July 2023. Kia has identified a “potential error” in the electronic oil pump controller, a crucial component that regulates the flow of oil within the CVT gearbox.

This error could lead to various issues, including:

• Reduced acceleration: The faulty controller might not provide adequate oil pressure, hindering the transmission’s ability to transfer power effectively, resulting in sluggish acceleration and compromised performance.
• Jerking or hesitation: Inconsistent oil flow could cause the transmission to jerk or hesitate during gear changes, leading to an unpleasant driving experience.
• Warning lights and potential breakdown: In extreme cases, the issue could trigger warning lights on the dashboard and potentially lead to a complete breakdown of the transmission.

Kia emphasizes that the recall is a proactive measure to address this potential concern before it manifests into bigger problems for customers. The company has assured affected owners that they will be contacted individually and their vehicles will undergo a free inspection and replacement of the faulty oil pump controller, if necessary. The entire process is expected to take around 90 minutes per vehicle.

Kia Seltos Petrol CVT Faces Recall in India: Over 4,300 Units Affected by Faulty Oil Pump Controller
Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos has been a runaway success story in the Indian SUV segment since its launch in 2019. Its combination of stylish design, spacious interiors, and feature-loaded cabin resonated well with buyers, propelling it to the top of the sales charts. This recall, while limited to specific models and production batches, could potentially impact the Seltos’ brand image and customer trust, especially considering the critical nature of the gearbox issue.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that proactive recalls are a sign of responsible carmakers taking ownership of potential problems and prioritizing customer safety. Kia’s swift action in addressing this issue demonstrates its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This recall also highlights the increasing importance of reliable and robust components, particularly in critical drivetrain systems like CVTs, which are becoming increasingly popular in India due to their fuel efficiency and smooth driving experience.

What Affected Seltos Owners Should Do:

Kia India has confirmed that all affected Seltos owners will be contacted individually through their registered phone numbers and email addresses. However, owners can also proactively check if their vehicle falls within the recall range by visiting Kia’s official website or contacting their nearest Kia dealership. The company has advised owners not to ignore the recall and schedule their vehicle’s inspection and repair at the earliest convenience.

This Kia Seltos recall serves as a reminder for car buyers to be informed about potential issues and recalls associated with their vehicles. Regular checks with car manufacturers and authorized dealerships can help ensure timely identification and rectification of any problems, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.