Kerala MVD Issues Guidelines To Prevent Cars From Catching Fire

kerala mvd car fire advisory

India is a country not only with versatility in terms of culture but also in weather. While we have snow-capped mountains in the North, the South Indian states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu are experiencing extremely hot weather. Lately, we have also been seeing a lot of cases where cars and bikes are catching fire. In some cases, people escape with minor injuries while in others, people lose their lives. With the rise in the number of vehicle fires, Kerala MVD has now come forward with a set of guidelines to avoid such fire incidents in cars.

Kerala MVD has shared these guidelines through a Facebook post on their official page. Kerala MVD is often known for sharing informative videos in the form of trolls and memes. However, this one is different. They want car or vehicle owners to keep a few things in mind to avoid fire incidents.

The first is to maintain your vehicle on time. Ensure that your vehicle gets maintained or serviced at equal intervals. Before driving your vehicle, inspect the area where the vehicle is parked for oil or fuel leaks. This way, you can spot any leaks and avoid fire.

MVD wants you to open the bonnet and check the engine bay at least once a day. This way, you can ensure that there are no leaks, leaves, or other items inside the engine bay that may catch fire. If you are driving a car that runs on CNG or any other form of gas, ensure that you get the gas lines inspected from an authorized testing center at equal intervals. If you smell gas inside the car, immediately take your car to the service center. Avoid driving your vehicle in such situations.

Kerala MVD Issues Guidelines To Prevent Cars From Catching Fire
Guidelines to avoid car fire

Coming back to petrol or diesel cars, check if the fuel lines are properly clipped and are not rubbing against any other part of the vehicle. Check the coolant levels and engine oil levels at equal intervals. Also, look for any warning or notification lights on the instrument cluster. The guidelines mention that one must never carry or store flammable fuels like petrol in the car as the chances of it catching fire are very high.

Also, avoid keeping transparent water bottles on dashboards as they act as a lens under direct sun. The bottle may concentrate the sun rays and burn a hole into the upholstery or some other plastic panel inside the car. This may also start a fire, and in order to avoid such situations, do not keep bottles, sanitizers, or even perfume or deodorant bottles on the dashboard.

Kerala MVD Issues Guidelines To Prevent Cars From Catching Fire
Car fire – representational image

Avoid keeping matchsticks, lighters, or other flammable objects inside the car. The guidelines also ask customers to avoid seat covers made of rexine or polyester material as they catch fire quite easily. Always keep a small fire extinguisher in the car to put out any fire. There have also been cases where cars have caught fire after a crash. In order to avoid such crashes, always follow defensive driving methods and be alert on the road. Always check the area where you park your vehicles. Ensure that there are no dry leaves, plastic, or any other items lying under the vehicle or brushing against the vehicle that can catch fire.