Woman Recklessly Drives Tata Hexa On Wrong Side: Enjoys Bullying Oncoming Cars [Video]

tata hexa woman driver wrong side driving

When we think of rash drivers, it is mainly men who come to our minds. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, women drivers also drive extremely dangerously. And recently, a video of one such woman driving recklessly on a highway has been shared online. In this video, the woman was seen driving a Tata Hexa MPV at 80 kmph. Now, the dangerous part is that she was doing this on the wrong side of the road.

This video of a woman driving a Tata Hexa on the wrong side of the road comes courtesy of Prateek Singh from YouTube. The clip starts with a woman driver driving a Tata Hexa MPV on what appears to be a national highway. Presently, the exact location where this video was shot has not been reported.

However, what we can see is that this woman driver was not driving in her own lane. Instead, this entire video was shot just to show how she can drive on the wrong side. The worst part about this video is that she was driving at 80 kmph and it was done intentionally.

What happened next?

Woman Recklessly Drives Tata Hexa On Wrong Side: Enjoys Bullying Oncoming Cars [Video]

Thankfully, nothing wrong happens in this video and the woman and other ladies inside the MUV were safe. However, it is very obvious that this was an extremely risky thing to do on a national highway. It can be noted in the video that each and every car from the front was trying to get out of the way of the law-breaking Tata Hexa.

Apart from this, to add to the danger of this incident, we can note that there was heavy smog on the road. Because of this, the visibility was already very bad and yet this lady continued driving recklessly. She could have caused a huge crash which could have even claimed the lives of innocent people on the national highway.

Has this lady been apprehended?

At the moment, there are no reports which state if this lady has been arrested by the police or not. Most likely, no complaints have been filed against this woman. However, we hope that authorities take note of this situation and punish this woman driver as soon as possible.

Why this dangerous driving?

As the entire incident was shot on camera and made public, chances are that the dangerous stunt was done for social media fame. Unfortunately, bad and dangerous driving and riding is a quick and easy way to get a fan following on social media. It is normal to see such videos getting 100s or thousands of likes and shares, with most commenters applauding the stunts. These are people who know the dangers, but do it deliberately for the applause, and in some cases, their livelihoods. They strongly believe that nothing would go wrong. The only hope is that as the videos go viral, the traffic authorities are likely to notice and identify the vehicle and seize it. Kerala is a state where this happens often, and such instances are also caught and punished in most of the big cities. However, in small towns and rural areas, implementation of traffic laws is lax, and many culprits get away.

What could go wrong?

No one expects a vehicle to zoom towards you on the wrong side, as you are driving lawfully, in the right lane. Especially so on roads with a proper divider and traffic on your side is entirely unidirectional. Startled drivers might brake hard, causing vehicles behind them to crash into them. Or they may swerve on to their left lanes or even towards the divider – both can lead to nasty accidents. There are also senior citizens and new drivers on the road, who may get too startled and scared and freeze, and that may result in head-on collisions. And things get far worse, if a heavy vehicle such as a lorry or container truck appears. They cannot even brake quickly.

Thar driver also did this

Woman Recklessly Drives Tata Hexa On Wrong Side: Enjoys Bullying Oncoming Cars [Video]

Just a few days ago, we shared a video here on Cartoq. In this video, the popular social media influencer Rajat Dalal was seen doing reckless driving. He was also seen driving his Mahindra Thar SUV on the wrong side at a very high speed.

He was also seen scamming a toll booth and continuing his reckless shenanigans. Apart from the video we shared, there are numerous more videos of him. Dalal regularly shares stories of him driving his Thar recklessly on public roads.

Crashed on the wrong side

Why you should not drive the wrong way
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For anyone who thinks that wrong-side driving is not that big of a deal, we would like to reshare a video that we shared a few days ago. In this short clip, a Tata Ace was seen getting involved in a crash. This accident took place as the Tata Ace was driving on the wrong side. It then went on to crash with a Tata Xenon pickup truck coming from the front.

What is a solution to dangerous driving?

We strongly believe that wrong-side driving is not due to lack of awareness of laws or safety. This is sheer overconfidence coupled with a desire to terrify other road users as well as a desperate need for social media acclaim. The only real solution we can think of is harsh punishments including canceling of licenses, hefty fines and jail terms. Public consciousness about this nasty behaviour is rising and authorities are already responding. Nagpur recently became the first city in Maharashtra to file FIRs for wrong-side driving instead of letting violators go with a fine. It was reported yesterday that n Delhi NCR, the recently inaugurated Dwarka Expressway is already seeing high numbers of wrong-side driving, with some 30-odd wrong-side vehicles being fined daily.  That will go only so far, and we hope that stricter action will follow soon enough.