Road rage turns ugly as man breaks car windows with a big stone [Video]

Road rage can turn ugly and we have seen many instances of the same. Here is one more where a road rage incident caused massive damage to the vehicle. The video from Kerala shows how a person started smashing the windows of a car even as passengers were inside the vehicle. He was later arrested.

The incident happened in Kodungallur, Thrissur, Kerala. The incident got recorded on video and shows how road rage between two groups caused massive damage to a car. The road rage happened on the national highway between Vadanapallu and Kodungallur. The clash between the youths from the two cars escalated quickly.

According to the locals both the vehicles were first involved in a street race and rash driving. Soon after, these vehicles stopped and started physical fights with each other. The video shows a man lifting heavy stones and smashing the windows of a Maruti Suzuki Ritz when there were passengers inside the vehicle.

Road rage turns ugly as man breaks car windows with a big stone [Video]

All this happened in broad daylight and during the rush hour at 6:10 PM. The onlookers made a video of the scene, which became viral on the Internet.

Kodungallur Police later registered a case against 8 people involved in the incident where the car was stopped and attacked near St Thomas Church. The main accused, Aseem, was arrested Sunday while the police informed that two more are in custody.

The locals claim that the man throwing stones at the car has been identified as Siraj and he was drunk. The ruckus went on for about 10 minutes causing traffic snarls in the area. The police later said that the group did not know each other and do not have any past rivalry. Both the vehicles involved in the incident were seized and one is with Kondungallur Police while the other one is with Vadanapapally Police.

Road rage can be dangerous

Road rage can manifest unexpectedly and escalate rapidly. Maintaining a calm and composed demeanor while driving is paramount, particularly on the tumultuous roads of India. Here are some guidelines to help you steer clear of road rage incidents:

Stay Relaxed: Driving ought to provide a tranquil experience. Foster a serene ambiance by playing music or using the air conditioner. Take deep breaths and strive to sustain a positive mood while on the road.

Adhere to Traffic Rules: Observe the speed limits and utilize appropriate signals when changing lanes. Regularly monitor your rearview mirrors to remain attuned to your surroundings. Allow space for the errors or aggressive conduct of others without retaliating in kind.

Practise Politeness: Endeavor to exhibit maximum politeness. When at a roundabout, yield to drivers approaching from the right, granting them the right of way. Reduce your speed and permit them to proceed. If a vehicle ahead is indicating a lane change, be accommodating and create a gap rather than closing it.

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