Tata Tiago hatchback sales cross 5 lakh

Tata Motors announced that the company’s entry-level hatchback, the Tata Tiago, has crossed 500,000 unit sales since its launch in India. Tata celebrated the milestone with a special event at the Sanand facility in Gujarat where the Tiago is produced.

Out of the 5 lakh units, the last 100,000 units were sold in just 15 months – this shows that despite the lull in the hatchback segment, the Tiago is not affected.

Tata Tiago hatchback sales cross 5 lakh
Tata Tiago

First time car buyers like the Tata Tiago

Tata said that the Tiago has become a favorite among car buyers, especially those who are purchasing their first vehicle. In fact, 71% of Tiago customers made their maiden car purchase in the fiscal year 2023.

Who is the Tiago buyer?

According to Tata Motors, the typical Tiago buyer is around 35 years old. And more and more women are buying the Tiago. Approximately 10% of the car’s sales now come from female buyers.

Where does the Tiago sell?

In terms of market distribution, the Tiago performs well in both urban and rural areas. Urban markets account for 60% of its sales, while the remaining 40% come from rural markets.

Which power train sells more?

Tata Tiago hatchback sales cross 5 lakh

The Tiago is available with three choices: petrol, compressed natural gas (CNG), and electric. Tata however has not revealed which of them are the top sellers, but we can guess that the petrol variant will be the most popular. There is no diesel variant of the Tiago. The CNG variant’s sales will be limited by CNG availability across India. Tata however revealed that the electric variant, the Tiago EV, has so far sold 19458 units. The Tiago EV is India’s cheapest 4-door electric car. It received 10,000 bookings on the day of the launch.

Vinay Pant, Head of Marketing at Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited, expressed his excitement about the Tiago’s success, saying, “Tiago has been a turnaround story for Tata Motors. The continuous improvements we made to the product and its design philosophy have resulted in reaching the 500,000 mark.” He also mentioned that Tata Motors has been able to thrive in the hatchback segment by offering a variety of powertrain options to meet the diverse needs of customers.

With its remarkable sales achievement and growing popularity, the Tiago has established itself as a reliable and appealing choice in the hatchback segment. Tata Motors aims to continue its growth trajectory, catering to the evolving preferences of car buyers and remaining a prominent player in the automotive market.

Interesting fact

The Tata Tiago was all set to be called the Zica – the name was later changed to Tiago! The reason was a virus called Zika! Just when the car was getting ready for launch, the Zika virus struck in many parts of the world causing Tata to abandon the name in a hurry. The name Tiago was later chosen through a public contest.