This is NOT the all-new Nano: Youtubers are fooling you

The internet is now an integral part of our lives. We come across numerous videos, images, and information about cars online. However, not all the information circulating online is true. We have encountered several videos that spread false information. The same applies to cars. We have written about several videos that share unconfirmed rumors and fake news regarding vehicles. People often post such videos because it is easy to gain public attention and increase viewers and subscribers. Here, we have an example of such a video where a YouTuber shares fake information about the Tata Nano.

The video has been shared by the Twin Turbo YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger showcases a concept car from another manufacturer and falsely claims it to be the next generation Tata Nano. They even include clips of the Tata Pixel Concept, which was showcased at the Auto Expo in 2012. The YouTuber discusses the Nano in detail, even sharing specific details like dimensions, intentionally misleading viewers into believing they are providing accurate information. It appears that the vlogger is using footage of the Kia Picanto 3-door as the next generation Tata Nano.

The vlogger mentions that the next generation Nano will be based on Tata’s Omerga ARC platform and will be offered with a 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine. However, almost all the information shared in this video is incorrect.

Here’s another fake Tata Nano video: 


Tata recently hinted at the possibility of bringing back the Nano to the Indian market. However, as of now, Tata is only considering the market potential, and the information about the launch is merely a rumor. Even if Tata does launch the Nano in the market, it will be offered as an electric vehicle, not a petrol car. The upcoming Nano would be built as an electric car. We have seen several examples of previous-generation Tata Nano cars that have been converted into EVs by third-party workshops.

This is NOT the all-new Nano: Youtubers are fooling you
Kia Picanto 3-door

Most of Tata’s electric vehicles currently in the market were not originally designed as electric cars. Whether it’s the Nexon, Tiago, or Tigor, all these EVs have been derived from their internal combustion engine versions. Tata is actively working on developing new EVs for the market, and the Nano EV could be one of them. We saw the Avinnya and Curvv EV concepts at the Auto Expo earlier this year. If the Nano returns to the market as an EV, we highly doubt it will resemble the one seen in the video.

Tata currently leads the electric car segment. Even before launching any electric cars, the manufacturer had planned to introduce an electric version of the Nano. To execute this plan, they approached Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotive. The Nano was never originally intended to be an electric vehicle, but Jayem Automotives managed to convert the internal combustion engine version into an EV. Some of these Nano EVs are also available in the used car market. Even Ratan Tata uses a custom-built Nano EV.

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