Innova HyCross: Base GX Vs Top-End ZX(O) [Video]

toyota innova hycross gx vs zx(o)

The Toyota Innova Hycross comes in seven variants. Today, with the help of a YouTube video, we will learn about what the top-end ZX(O) variant offers over the base GX variant.
The host starts with the keys of both variants; ZX (O) keys offer additional boot unlock functions over the GX variant keys. Also, the top model’s keys come with chrome accents, which add a premium touch.

After the keys, the host starts with the key differences in the front fascia of both variants. The overall design remains the same, with some minor cosmetic changes. However, the ZX(O) comes with much more features. The ZX(O) variant offers numerous features, such as an all-LED lighting setup with LED projector fog lights, a front parking camera with two sensors, and radar for Level-2 ADAS. The indicators in the ZX(O) trim are mounted separately, but they are integrated into the headlamp in the GX trim.

After that, the host shifts to the side profile. A major change that can be noticed is the 16-inch alloy wheels in GX as compared to the 18-inch in ZX(O). The ORVMs of ZX(O) trim features a camera for the 360-degree camera setup which is not available in GX. Chrome elements, which add a premium vibe, are present only in ZX(O).

The rear profile of both the cars look similar with LED taillamps, reverse parking camera with sensors, shark fin antenna, spoiler with integrated stop lamp, rear wiper with washer and a silver colored skid plate. However, the ZX(O) variant comes with additional features such as defogger, chrome elements and motorized tailgate opening.

Innova HyCross: Base GX Vs Top-End ZX(O) [Video]

The interior of both variants has major differences. In the ZX(O) trim, the interior is much more premium with the coffee brown and black combination than the basic all-black interior in GX. In addition to this, the ZX(O) trim has soft touch material in multiple places, such as door pads and dashboards.

Also, the GX trim misses out on rear sun blinds, which are offered in the ZX(O). Both the trims offer captain seats in the second row. However, the ZX(O) variant offers additional electrically adjustable thigh support, which the GX variant misses. Other than this, all the amenities in the second row, such as AC controls and parcel tray with twin cup holders, remain the same. A major feature addition in the ZX(O) variant, in contrast to the GX, is a large panoramic sunroof with ambient lighting.

Now, let’s talk about the front seats and dashboard. As mentioned earlier, the dashboard in the ZX(O) variant is a soft touch as compared to the hard plastics in GX. Other features that the top-end variant offers over the base GX are adaptive cruise control, JBL surround sound system with six speakers, two tweeters and one subwoofer, electrically adjustable seats with memory function, auto AC, ventilated seats, 10.1-inch infotainment system (8-inch in the GX variant), digital instrument cluster and a 360-degree camera. All in all, the interior of ZX(O) feels much more premium, with multiple extra features and glossy black inserts.

Both the variants have a major difference in powertrain. The GX trim is available in pure petrol. On the other hand, the ZX(O) variant comes with a hybrid powertrain. The main advantage of hybrid over the petrol version is its mileage. The pure petrol has a claimed mileage of around 16.13 kmpl, while the hybrid variant has a claimed mileage figure of 23.24 kmpl.

Both variants have a price difference of Rs. 11.2 lakhs, with the GX priced at Rs. 19.77 lakhs and the ZX(O) priced at Rs. 30.97 lakhs. Regarding the power figures, both powertrain options are paired with a 2.0-litre engine. Pure petrol produces 174 HP and 204 Nm of torque. When paired with an electric motor, these power figures are increased to 184 HP and 209 Nm of torque.