Why Are 2 Wheelers Stopping On Empty Road As Train Passes Overbridge? [Video]

As we have said this on numerous occasions, India is not for beginners. We still stand by this statement as everyday a new and very intriguing video is shared online. In the most recent video a number of motorists were seen standing just before a railway bridge. Now a lot of people have been questioning as to why these people were standing when there was no signal or anything to stop them. Well, read ahead to find the answer.

The video of this unique phenomenon has been shared on X. It comes courtesy of Rosy. This unique short clip shows a seemingly normal scenario of a train crossing a bridge. However, it then shows the wierd part about this video.

The video highlights that there were a number of motorists that were stopped just before the bridge. Now, a lot of people may be wondering why that is so. Well, the answer to that they have a fear for poop and urine that may fall from the train.

Why Are 2 Wheelers Stopping On Empty Road As Train Passes Overbridge? [Video]

Yes, as wierd as it may sound, this is absolutely true. These people always stop when a train passes on the bridge above the road. Most likely the human excreta have fallen over some riders. Hence, every person has stopped their two wheeler right before the bridge.

Indians and trains

In this particular scenario, it is the people on the road below that face inconvenience because of Indian trains. However, Indians being Indian have caused problems to Indian trains as well. Back in 2023, another unique video was shared on X (formerly Twitter).

What happened in the video was that an entire train was stopped at a railway crossing. This happened because the traffic had come on the railway crossing and did not let the train pass. It was then noted in the video that a traffic police officer was trying to make for the train.

Meanwhile, the only thing the train driver could do was to blare the horn. The video continues to show that numerous vehicles including cars, bikes and scooters were crossing this road. This incident was reported from Banaras, Uttar Pradesh.

Railway crossings and accidents

Speaking of the incidents at railway crossings, a number of Indian two-wheeler riders have gone through near death experiences. Over the years we have seen numerous incidents where impatient motorists tried crossing the railway crossing even though the train was coming.

Back in March 2023, another such video was shared online. In this particular incident, a motorcycle rider escaped only by a few inches after his motorcycle got stuck on a crossing. This incident was reported from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh.

The video footage from CCTV showed a man trying to cross the railway crossing at the last minute. It was then noted that a train was already crossing the road. The man was then seen waiting on the bike and during the rush he tried to get away from the track but he fell on the track.

Soon after this his motorcycle got stuck and the man started to drag the motorcycle to move it away from the track. But the motorcycle did not move as it got stuck to the track. The man also tried to pick up the motorcycle.

In the end, the footage shows that he abandoned the motorcycle and ran for his life. The speeding train hit the motorcycle at a high speed and tore it down to hundreds of flying pieces.