Venomous snake hides inside a helmet: Rescued [Video]

Lately, we have been experiencing heavy rainfall, leading to flood-like situations in many parts of the country. The drop in temperature caused by the rain has a significant impact on the lives of many animals. We have come across several videos showing wild animals leaving the jungle in search of food. During this time of year, reptiles such as snakes come out in search of dry and warm spots. A recent incident was reported from Kerala where a venomous snake sought shelter in a riding helmet. Fortunately, the snake was later rescued by a professional.

In the video, a snake rescuer is seen picking up an open face helmet. Initially, everything appears normal, but as the rescuer checks beneath the helmet’s liner, a snake is discovered inside. It is a small but highly venomous cobra snake. It seems this cold-blooded reptile found refuge in the helmet. Fortunately, someone present at the scene witnessed the snake entering the helmet and immediately called for expert assistance.

The rescuer can be heard identifying the snake as a baby spectacled cobra, a species commonly found in many parts of the country. With great care, the rescuer handles the snake and attempts to remove it from the helmet. Despite its small size, the cobra remains venomous. Finally, the snake is carefully extracted from the helmet and placed on the floor. The rescuer mentions that snakes often favor dark places, which explains why it was hiding under the helmet liner. Fortunately, no one used the helmet after the snake entered it. If you live in an area where snakes are common, we would recommend you to check the helmet before you wear them.

The snake then crawls into a pipe provided by the rescue personnel, likely to be relocated to another area. This is not the first time we have encountered such an incident. Videos have shown large snakes like pythons and king cobras seeking shelter in cars. It’s not just cars; there have also been cases where snakes were rescued from scooters and motorcycles. In 2020, a man from Kerala actually rode his bike for 11 km wearing a helmet without realising that there was snake inside the helmet. The person luckily escaped without getting bitten.

Venomous snake hides inside a helmet: Rescued [Video]
Snake inside helmet

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to calmly move away from the vehicle or object and seek the assistance of a professional snake catcher to safely catch and release the snake back into the wild. If you are bitten by a snake, seek immediate medical help from a professional. India is home to a variety of snakes, and differentiating between venomous and non-venomous species can be challenging. That’s why we advise maintaining a safe distance from these reptiles. Attempting to catch or kill a snake on your own is unwise. Snakes play an important role in biodiversity and should not be killed but rather relocated to a suitable area in the wild. It’s important to note that killing a cobra is a non-bailable offense under the Wildlife Protection Act 2022, which may lead to imprisonment.

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