Yamaha RX to make a comeback: Chairman

For those eagerly anticipating the return of the legendary ‘Yamaha RX100’ nameplate, there’s both good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: Yamaha has officially confirmed that the ‘RX100’ brand will not be making a comeback. However, there is still some good news. Yamaha is indeed developing a motorcycle that will carry the ‘RX’ name.

Yamaha RX to make a comeback: Chairman

Yamaha seems to understand the emotional significance associated with the ‘Yamaha RX100’ name, which is why they have decided not to introduce a modern four-stroke motorcycle with the same name. This was confirmed by Eishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India, in a recent interview to ACI.

Chihana acknowledged the RX100’s illustrious history in various global markets and expressed surprise at the enthusiasm for this name in India. Reviving an iconic name in the automotive world has always been a challenge for manufacturers. Many people have strong sentiments attached to iconic names like the Yamaha RX100, and resurrecting such nameplates comes with the fear of living up to their legacy.

Yamaha RX100 is a legendary motorcycle

For many, the Yamaha RX100 has always been more than just a motorcycle, evoking countless memories of the original two-stroke RX100 that dominated Indian roads in the 1990s. According to Chihana, the RX100 holds a special place in Yamaha’s history in India.

The motorcycle was a prime example of a “pocket rocket,” with its lively 100cc two-stroke engine complementing its agile bodywork and lightweight nature. Since two-stroke motorcycles are a thing of the past, a modern 100cc four-stroke motorcycle may not do justice to the RX100 name, considering the power limitations of a four-stroke engine of that size.

Chihana confirmed that Yamaha will not launch a high-performance lightweight motorcycle that matches the performance levels of the RX100 until they have perfected the formula. Yamaha believes that the current 155cc engine used in the YZF-R15 and MT-15 is inadequate for creating such a motorcycle.

Therefore, Yamaha believes that a motorcycle carrying the RX moniker should have an engine size of at least 200cc. However, even with a modern engine, Yamaha may not be able to replicate the iconic exhaust sound produced by the two-stroke 98cc engine of the RX100.

In conclusion, while the ‘RX100’ name will not be revived to preserve the sentimental value associated with it, there is a possibility that Yamaha may introduce a motorcycle with the ‘RX’ name, featuring a performance-oriented engine larger than 200cc. However, Yamaha has not provided a confirmed timeline for the release of this motorcycle.

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