500 new cars drown as Hindon river overflows [Video]

A recent video of about 500 cars drowning in flood water has become viral on the Internet. The cars are parked in a yard in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. River Hindon overflowed and caused nearby areas to submerge.

With one the heaviest rainfalls in recorded history, the parts of Northern India have seen some of the worst floods, landslides and other natural calamities. As the rivers swell with the water in this region, the flood plains are now full of water displacing hundreds of people.

The video shows a drone footage of Suthiyana Village in Greater Noida where several parked cars drowned in the flood waters. According to the officials and authorities, the water level of the Hindon river rose suddenly causing the flood in the adjacent regions. This stockyard also suffered from this increase in the water later.

500 new cars drown as Hindon river overflows [Video]

These vehicles are seized by the police department due to non-payment of insurance. It seems like that the owners will have to shell out a lot of money from their pockets as the insurance have expired.

“For Delhi, we don’t have a significant rainfall warning but we can continue to expect high moisture and high temperature. Delhi also may get light to moderate rain. We don’t have any warning for Delhi but some rain will start from the night of July 25,” RK Jenamani, a scientist from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Worse situation in the mountains

A few weeks ago, we saw videos of incessant rains in the mountains causing havoc. The torrential flow of floodwater from the hills overwhelmed the parked cars, despite them being in what seemed to be a designated parking area. Hilly towns like Manali have been particularly affected by the heavy rainfall, leaving tourists stranded with limited rescue options. Disturbing footage shows significant damage to major roads and bridges in Himachal Pradesh, caused by the unrelenting flow of floodwaters.

As a result of the severe flooding, connectivity between these hilly areas and nearby cities like Chandigarh and New Delhi has been disrupted. Both cities are also grappling with heavy rainfall and flooding, exacerbating the situation further. In response to the calamity, the Weather Department has issued warnings, urging residents and tourists to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel.

Car owners are being advised to park their vehicles in elevated areas, away from the swiftly flowing waters, in order to mitigate potential damage. However, the situation remains critical, with the risk of further harm as the flood-like conditions continue to persist.

Overall, the region is facing the devastating consequences of the relentless downpour and resulting flooding, impacting both transportation and daily life in the affected areas.

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