Hyundai i20 stranded in the middle of flash floods: Woman driver saved by onlookers [Video]

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In a harrowing incident, a woman was rescued from her submerged car as it was swept away by a fast-flowing torrent of water in Panchkula, Haryana. The heavy rainfall that struck North India on Sunday led to widespread attention online, as videos capturing the car’s submersion and the subsequent rescue of the woman went viral.

Several videos circulating on the internet and social media platforms show a white Hyundai i20 stranded in the middle of a rapidly flowing stream in Panchkula. The car became trapped in the muddy waters of the Ghaggar River. Eyewitnesses and reports confirm that the car belonged to a woman who had come to offer prayers at a nearby temple.

After completing her prayers, the woman attempted to drive back when heavy rain caused an unexpected surge in the water level of the Ghaggar River near the temple where her car was parked. Caught off guard by the sudden increase in water flow, she found herself unable to assess the speed of the current or extricate herself from the situation.

Car stranded in middle of the flash flood

Hyundai i20 stranded in the middle of flash floods: Woman driver saved by onlookers [Video]

As the water rapidly rose and the car became immobilized, nearby onlookers rushed to her aid. Despite the car being battered by the forceful current, the rescuers managed to pull the woman out using a rope suspended above the flowing water. Following her rescue, she was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for a preliminary medical examination. The videos circulating online depict a group of approximately 10-15 individuals working together to extricate the woman from the car using ropes. Residents of Northern Indian states, including Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh, experienced heavy rainfall during the early hours of Sunday, June 25th. This resulted in flood-like situations in several areas across Northern India. Additionally, there have been reports of landslides in the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh, leading to road closures for necessary repairs and maintenance.

According to the Regional Weather Forecasting Centre, light to moderate rainfall is expected to continue in many parts of Northern India on Monday. As a precautionary measure, people are advised to avoid unnecessary driving and, particularly, travel to hilly regions during these conditions.

Stay out of waterlogged roads

If you encounter a waterlogged road and are unfamiliar with its condition, it is advisable to avoid entering. Such roads often conceal deep potholes that can pose significant problems for your vehicle.

If crossing becomes necessary, observe other vehicles passing through first. This will provide an indication of the water’s depth, enabling you to proceed safely.

Modern vehicles heavily rely on electrical systems, making them highly susceptible to damage when driven into waterlogged areas. Most vehicles have electrically operated windows that can malfunction if exposed to water.

Moreover, the external water level makes it extremely challenging to open the vehicle’s doors due to the water pressure. Breaking the windows is the only viable means of escape.

Side windows are easier to break than the windshield as they are not laminated. Specialized tools are available in the market for this purpose. However, if you lack such tools during an emergency, you can use the pointed edge of a headrest to break the windows and exit the vehicle. Nonetheless, exercise utmost caution when encountering waterlogged roads.