Recklessly Ridden KTM Stuck In Rear Of A Bus: Rider And Pillion Safe [Video]

KTM crashed into a bus

There are a few motorcycle brands in India that have a bad reputation mainly due to rash riders. One such brand is KTM. The Austrian brand became popular in India for offering affordable performance motorcycles. However, not all people who buy this motorcycle ride sanely. Many are reckless riders who show off their so-called riding skills on KTM bikes. Here we have one such incident from Kerala where a reckless KTM Duke rider crashed into the rear of a bus so hard that the bike got stuck in the rear of the bus.

Don’t ride fast, if you can’t control
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The video has been shared by a user on Reddit. In this video, we see a blue-colored private bus parked on the side of a road, with a bike crashed into the rear of it. According to the video, the incident happened in Kerala’s Ernakulam district. We do not have the CCTV footage of the crash; however, looking at the condition of the bike and the bus, it is quite clear that the KTM Duke was being ridden at speeds above normal.

We do not know how the accident happened, but looking at the video, we may assume that the KTM bike had crashed into the rear of a bus that had slowed down or stopped at a bus stop. The KTM rider, along with a pillion, was perhaps unable to control the bike in time, leading to a crash into the rear overhang of the bus.

The impact was so hard that the metal or fiberglass sheets on the body panels of the bus tore apart, and the KTM just went under the bus. According to the video, both the rider and pillion were wearing riding helmets, and they were able to walk away without any major injuries. The bike’s front is completely damaged. The front cowl, headlamps, handlebar, all look damaged.

Both the rider and pillion were lucky enough to escape without any major injuries. The bodies of many buses in Kerala are made from metal sheets and could easily injure you if you crash into them.

Recklessly Ridden KTM Stuck In Rear Of A Bus: Rider And Pillion Safe [Video]
KTM crashed into a bus

This video is once again a good example that shows why it is not a good idea to ride recklessly inside the city. The biker was probably trying to overtake other vehicles from the left side without noticing the bus in front. The biker was probably left with no time to stop or slow down by the time he spotted the bus in front.

The biker was not only being a threat to his own life but to others as well. The chances of his crashing into other vehicles were pretty high. By riding recklessly, the biker did become a nuisance on the road. It is not clear whether any passengers in the bus were injured or not.

The video does mention that the biker and the pillion took another vehicle and went to a nearby hospital for a checkup. Whether cops took action against the rider for reckless riding is not known at the moment.

If you really want to ride fast, do it on a closed road or a race track. Public roads are not the place to show off your riding skills or do stunts. In the past, cops have taken action against such irresponsible riders.