Man Drives Maruti Alto With Legs On Steering Wheel On Highway [Video]

Man drives Alto from passenger seat

Indian cars over the years have seen the addition of numerous driving assistance features like cruise control and ADAS. However, some stupidly genius people do not require any such technology to help them in driving. This particular thing was recently proven as a video went viral on the internet. In this particular short clip, a man was seen sitting in the front passenger seat of a Maruti Suzuki Alto hatchback and was driving his car with his legs, and no one was sitting on the driver’s side seat. Yes, you heard that right.

Man driving, steering a car with his feet

The video of this particular man driving an Alto in a unique way has been shared on Instagram by “Travel with UP” on their page. It starts off with a scene of an old Maruti Suzuki Alto hatchback driving on the road. First, the video shows the rear of the hatchback, which looks fairly normal. However, it is when the people recording this incident from a bike come next to the car; they note what is actually going on.

Man Drives Maruti Alto With Legs On Steering Wheel On Highway [Video]

It can be noted from the video that the car was not being driven by the driver sitting on the seat behind the steering wheel. Rather, it was being driven by a person who was seated comfortably with his legs on the steering wheel on the left front passenger seat of the car. Soon after this first clip, the bikers then show this person relaxing on the left front seat from the left side of the car. It can be observed that the person driving the car had his arms behind his head, signifying his relaxed approach to this unique style of driving.

What happens next?

Soon after the bike riders showed this distinct style of car driving, they come on the right side of the car and ask the car owner if the car is not functioning right and that is why he is driving it like this? Or does he actually drive like this in general? To this, the man replies that he drives like this and nothing is wrong with the car. During this conversation, the man is seen downshifting the gear of the car and also steering his car with his hands. However, after this short conversation, he continues driving the car the way he was.

How was he operating the car?

Man Drives Maruti Alto With Legs On Steering Wheel On Highway [Video]

From the video, it can be observed that the person was steering his car with his legs. As for the gear changes, he was using his hands and his right leg. Now, from the video, it cannot be determined how he controls the accelerator. However, one possible way is that he uses the gear acceleration. This means that all of the gears of a car have a certain speed in which they normally drive, and the higher the gear, the higher is the speed.

Dangers of driving in this manner?

It does not take a genius to understand that this way of driving is extremely dangerous. The way this man was driving violates so many laws. First of all, he was not wearing his seatbelt; then, he was not steering the car with his hands, and lastly, he was not in control of the accelerator or the brake. All of these are the ingredients for a recipe for a disaster to take place. If anyone comes in front of the car randomly, most likely this person will not be able to control the car and end up in a horrific accident. However, despite knowing all the dangers, he still continued driving the car in such a way.