Shivamogga Police Bulldoze 70 Illegal Exhausts And 3000 Half Helmets [Video]

Half helmets and silencers crushed

Over the last few months, we have shared numerous stories where police authorities from major cities have started confiscating and destroying illegal exhausts. Now, taking inspiration from bigger cities’ police departments, smaller cities have also started similar drives and are now crushing illegal loud exhausts used by motorcycle owners. Recently, a video showing the destruction of such exhausts along with half helmets has been shared from the city of Shivamogga in Karnataka. All of the confiscated exhausts and half helmets were destroyed in front of the public to send a strong message.

Illegal exhausts and half helmets crushed with bulldozer

The video showing the crushing of half helmets and exhausts has been shared on Instagram by Sandesh S Palankar on their page. The post stated, “Half helmets and loud silencers were destroyed at Gopi Vritta in Shivamogga city. These half-helmets and loud silencers have been in operation for the last two months, and today they were destroyed in front of the public. More than 3000 half helmets and 70 silencers were collected and destroyed by bulldozers today.”

Shivamogga Police Bulldoze 70 Illegal Exhausts And 3000 Half Helmets [Video]

Commenting on this special drive in which these useless half helmets and illegal exhausts were crushed, SP Mithun Kumar said that for the last two months, this operation was taking place in the city of Shivamogga. He stated that “wearing a half-helmet is like dressing up for namesake.” Kumar added that this operation was initiated to create awareness among the public. The operation was conducted under the leadership of PI Santhosh Kumar. Lastly, he concluded that he will continue this operation in the coming days.

This action is spreading across the country

As mentioned before, in the last few months, similar drives have taken place in bigger cities of India. However, this time around, the police department of a small city like Shivamogga from Karnataka has taken action against riders using illegal exhausts and half helmets. What was special about this particular drive was that the police authorities not only confiscated exhausts of Royal Enfield motorcycles, but they also confiscated other exhausts from sports bikes as well, as evident in the video. In total, the police crushed 70 silencers in the latest drive.

Shivamogga Police Bulldoze 70 Illegal Exhausts And 3000 Half Helmets [Video]

Additionally, the Shivamogga police also crushed over 3000 half helmets. The police authorities stated that these helmets are useless, and people only wear them to avoid getting a fine. These non-ISI certified half helmets are often considered useless in terms of providing adequate protection to riders. These helmets lack the necessary durability, impact resistance, and quality materials required to effectively protect the head of riders against head injuries during accidents. Additionally, non-ISI helmets do not undergo stringent testing procedures to ensure their efficacy, leaving riders vulnerable to severe head trauma in case of serious accidents.

Why is it important to use ISI-certified helmets?

Shivamogga Police Bulldoze 70 Illegal Exhausts And 3000 Half Helmets [Video]

Two-wheeler riders must ensure that their helmets are ISI-certified because it is crucial for their safety. The ISI mark signifies that the helmet has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific safety standards set by regulatory authorities. These helmets are designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy, reducing the risk of head injuries in accidents. Additionally, investing in helmets with ISI certification or those meeting higher safety standards provides riders with peace of mind.

Pune police also crushed over 571 illegal exhausts

Shivamogga Police Bulldoze 70 Illegal Exhausts And 3000 Half Helmets [Video]

Earlier last month, it was reported that the Pune police department also destroyed over 571 illegal exhausts, which were confiscated from Royal Enfield motorcycles. It was also reported that in 12 days, Pune police managed to issue fines to 2,183 motorcycle riders with modified silencers. This drive was initiated by Pune police on February 7 in order to curb down the noise pollution created by these riders. Pune police also announced a dedicated WhatsApp number where people could register complaints of modified exhaust systems, particularly those emitting excessive noise.