Snake Hides Inside Helmet: Rescued By Snake-Catcher [Video]

small snake in helmet featured

When we think of a snake being rescued from a place, it coming out of a helmet is the last thing you’d imagine. And we totally agree with your sentiment. However, recently, a video of a snake being rescued exactly from a helmet has been shared online. This video is a reminder for each and every one of us reading that wild animals like snakes can be found anywhere during these scorching summer days.


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Snake Inside a Helmet

This video of a small snake being rescued from a helmet has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Anto Rohan Gomez, a professional wildlife conservationist. On his page, he shares numerous videos of him rescuing and helping helpless animals. In this short clip, he shows how a small snake was residing inside a helmet.

The post shared by Anto mentions, “Snake in one of the most unlikely places. Summers are hard on everyone; everyone looks for a cool place that has shade for respite against the harsh sun. It’s the same with snakes too; a couple in a park were surprised by a new tenant that took shelter in the helmet.”

What happens in the video?

Snake Hides Inside Helmet: Rescued By Snake-Catcher [Video]

It can be seen that first, he opens the helmet with a tool to extract the snake. We can observe that this snake somehow managed to enter inside the top cushioning of the helmet. The rescuer, after attempting to pull out the snake with a tool, was unsuccessful, so he puts his hand inside the helmet and brings it out.

For those who may get freaked out about the rescuer putting his hand inside the helmet, it has to be mentioned that this snake was a tiny non-venomous snake. It is called a common Trinket snake, and it is generally seen around bushes. They do not generally come in contact with people.

How did the snake enter the helmet?

As mentioned by the rescuer, snakes, like humans, also suffer from the beat down of summer heat. So in order to cool off, they sometimes find shelter in such places. Most likely, this snake entered the helmet when the owner was out in the park.

King Cobra Came Out of a Maruti Swift

Back in November of last year, a video from Uttara Kannada district went viral. In this clip, a 10-foot-long King Cobra was discovered under a Maruti Swift hatchback. This snake was found after the family, during a road trip, stopped near a temple.

It was reported that after reaching their destination, the car owner noticed unusual behavior from a nearby cat and noises from the car. This then led to the discovery of the snake. The owner then immediately contacted local forest officers, who after their arrival took two hours to safely rescue the snake.

Honda Activa with a Cobra Inside


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In a similar incident reported from Kerala, a King Cobra was discovered in a Honda Activa scooter. This snake was hiding behind the front cover of the Activa. In the video, the snake handler carefully removed it. It was mentioned that it had sought warmth and shelter in the scooter’s front panel on a rainy day.